HID Headlights

D1S & D3S,D2S & D4S xenon bulbs both looks like similar in appearance, can they be used in common?

You may have seen D-Series HID (xenon) bulbs, such as D1S, D1R, D1C,D2S, D2R,D2C D3S, D3R,D3C D4S, D4R,D4C,right?What are their differences?

1. Such as D1S/D1R/D1C:

D -"Discharge"

N - the headlight type

S is for "Shielded";R is for "Reflector",C is for "Colored".

2. Numbers:"1,2,3,4":

1)Singular with starter(starting device),even numbers have no.

2)Mercury bulbs(D1S,D1R,D1C,D2S,D2R,D2C)run at 85v AC,they can use same HID Ballasts;

Mercury Free(D3S,D3R,D3C,D4S,D4R)xenon bulbs runs at 42V AC,they also can use the same HID Ballasts.

3.Each D series Xenon Bulbs notches different.

4.D3S is the modified and environmental model of D1S.But D1S brighter than D3S,alo color temperture better(same power & color temperature comparision).

So though D1S an D3S,D2S adn D4S xenon bulbs both looks like similar in appearance,the can not be used in common.

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