Lithium Battery

The speed of the electric wheelchair?

Each country's standards may be different, and the following datas are for reference only:
1. Indoor type:≤ 4.5km/h
2. Outdoor type:≤6km/h
3. Road/Travel type:≤15km/h

The most popular electric wheelchair lithium ion batteries are: 24v 12ah,24v 20ah, etc., Also 36v 25ah,36v 35ah, etc.,They depends on end users/markets'driving distance,price,quality,safety,store space etc requirements, generally made of NCM anode chemistry lithium batteries, because of its advantages: Small size, Small self-discharge, High energy density, High capacity density, Long driving distance, Low temperature resistance, High voltage platform, Good charge & discharge rate , No memory effect, Widely working temperature range, etc. and it belongs to the lithium ion battery scheme with good cost performance.

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