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What are the coverage and application scenarios of these base stations?

Marcocell suitable for wide area coverage, the base station erected on the tower, this base station is very large, carrying a large number of users, covering a wide area, along the high ways or in rural areas,urban etc space large enough hot area of people flow,generally can reach tens of kilometers.

Small cell small volume(size about a pizza box), small coverage area, carrying a relatively low number of users. Places where macrocell cannot be arranged.For example, Urban, rural,high-speed rail stations, airports, large shopping malls, etc., must be arranged multiple small cell to meet the demand;

Pico cell is a base station that is smaller than above two. Equivalent to enterprise WiFi.In office buildings, factory parks and other places where the flow of people is relatively fixed.

Femtocell just like home router(size about a paperback book), this base station is the smallest of the four base stations, and it is used by the family base station and accessed by the home broadband. Meet the needs of family, enterprise,cafe and other scenes.

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