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What are the basic requirements the lighting standards of automobile headlights?(FYI)

All countries in the world have stipulated the lighting standards of automobile headlights in the form of law, what are the basic requirements?

(1) Lighting distance:

The headlights should ensure that there is bright and uniform lighting in front of the car, so that the driver can identify any obstacles on the road within 100m in front of the car. With the increase of the speed of the car, the lighting distance of the headlamp is also getting farther and farther, and the lighting distance of modern cars should reach 200-400m.

(2) Prevent glare:

The headlights should have the function of preventing glare, so as not to cause traffic accidents when the two cars meet each other head-on at night.

In the national standard (motor vehicle safety technical conditions), the detection items of headlamps require luminous intensity and beam irradiation position;

And the inspection standards and detection methods have made clear provisions: headlamp luminous intensity, two lamp system each lamp should be 12000cd, four lamps each should be 10000cd, with the projection or headlamp inspection instrument to test its light, the distance is 3m.

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