LED Headlights

How to see the quality of LED headlights?

Usually we need to see the brightness of the led headlight, lighting effect, quality etc.

To see the quality of Led headlights, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze the heat dissipation efficiency, The shape of light, brightness and irradiation distance.

Heat dissipation efficiency:

Magnetic suspension fan is better, Led headlights heat dissipation is not good, there are two kinds of dispersion and fan, dispersion is passive heat dissipation, to reach a certain temperature will heat dissipation, and the fan is active heat dissipation, the headlights work on the start of heat dissipation, efficiency fan is better than the heat dissipation belt.

There are double ball bearings and magnetic levitation in the fan, the magnetic levitation rotor has no contact with the stator, the speed is higher, and the heat dissipation is more efficient

The shape of light:

The light type should be full, there should be no defects, and the triangle area of irradiation should be high and wide, which determines the distance and range of irradiation.


It is best to reach more than 3400 lumens, the lights are generally driving at night, the brightness must be high, otherwise the road is not bright, can not see it is useless.

The above points are to determine the quality of an led headlight

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