Renewable energy is trend,when e-car catch fire,Best solution to put it out ?(FYI)

1) Power off right away and place the key 10 meters away. In the early stage of the fire, spray with ABC dry powder fire extinguisher and use gas mask if necessary; Because the power battery fires, the temperature can reach 1000 degrees Celsius, and after the power battery burns, it will produce a large number of toxic gases, such as hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen cyanide.

2) When alarm, be sure to inform the brand, car model, power battery model, capacity, voltage and other information, in order to find the most effective and targeted fire extinguishing countermeasures.

3) The result of the German experiment is that it can be extinguished with water, but it consumes a lot of water. The results of the study in the United States are that the power battery fire is essentially caused by thermal runaway, and the cooling in the fire extinguishing means is a key point.

A. According to foreign media reports, firefighters used 45,000 liters of water and spent two hours to put out the fire. In general car fires, the maximum use is 1800 liters of water. In other words, the amount of water needed to extinguish an electric car fire is 25 times than an ordinary car.

B. According to the practice of the fire department, the amount of water required to extinguish electric vehicle fires can reach up to 76,000-110,000 liters of water.

4) When the fire can not be effectively controlled, the fire blanket can be used to protect the trapped personnel and quickly save.

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