LiFePo4 Battery

Warm reminder for 8S1P 25.6V 320Ah Marine LFP Battery

1, Battery storage for a long time may lead to loss of power, resulting in performance attenuation, it is recommended to charge every week: more than 50% of the power; Charge for more than 1 hour(within 24 hours after discharge);

2, The battery can only be used on 24V DC input appliances, polarity can not be reversed;

3, The battery installation and use should be away from the heat source, high temperature will speed up the attenuation of the battery, shorten the service life;

4, It can not exceed the use of voltage charging &discharging, can not exceed the maximum current;

5, It can not disassembled, can not short-circuit, can not be put into the water;

6, If there are chemical smell of batteries, can not be used anymore, please contact the manufacturer to solve;

7, The middle of the negative electrode (no protection function), only for temporary start to connect all, after starting, must cut off the connection of the negative electrode, can not be used from the negative electrode for a long time (prohibit long-term discharge, prevent charging from the negative electrode)

More technique details?Please contact us directly,thank you.

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