Lithium Battery

What are the major differences between cylindrical lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery?

Remarks: A means "Cylindrical",B means"Lithium polymer"

1) Packaging material:

A: Usually for Steel shell or aluminum shell (metal shell)
B: aluminum-plastic film (aluminum-plastic composite film)
2) Appearance:
A: Cylindrical shape
B: Rectangle or square (theoretically, the shape is arbitrary)
3) Strictly speaking, the difference between the two lies in the electrolyte:
A: Liquid
B: Gelled(theoretically)more stable solid or semi-solid.
4) Materials (structural diagram)
A : Positive Thermal, PTC,gasket,separator,electrolyte,shell,PVC,sockets,Gas release vent,Insulation plate,top cap

B: Also with anode tab,cathod tab,Without PVC,sockets,Gas release vent,top cap etc.

5) Advantages and applications:
A:The cylindrical (due to battery design and raw material characteristics) power type 8650 battery is suitable for high current discharge, with strong compressive strength of the shell and a safety valve
Digital cameras, civilian and military, commercial electric vehicles etc.

B: high energy density, high safety (not explosive, only expanding), smaller, lightweight, suitable for ultra-thin laptops, tablets, portable devices, large capacity smartphones (starting around 2004)


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